Kiel Bollero

Current Employer: Carolina Realty Advisors

Current Job Title: Marketing Director

Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration

Undergraduate Institution: Mars Hill University

Licenses and Certifications: North Carolina Real Estate Broker, North Carolina Property, Casualty, Life, & Health Insurance Agent, Outdoor Emergency Care

What is your professional background?
I am a full-time student pursuing the Master of Science in Real Estate. I recently moved to Charlotte from the Outer Banks, NC. Currently, I am working for a residential real estate brokerage where I is responsible for the firm's operations and marketing activities. I have experience in the brokerage and property management fields of real estate, and am a licensed NC Real Estate Broker.

What are your motivations for pursing the MSRE?
Real estate had been a very intriguing topic for me. I have always been interested in real estate because it is one of the only asset classes that is tangible. With creativity, fortitude, and experience you can not only create monetary value but also build a space that creates value in peoples life, something that cannot really be achieved in other asset classes. Upon graduation I would like to join a development company.

What drew you to the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate?
From the very beginning I was impressed with the UNCC MSRE program. I wanted to attend a university that was deeply enrooted in a thriving local commercial real estate industry. This was important to me because I like to learn through real world application. The city of Charlotte is one of the fasted growing real estate markets in the country and that is what I wanted to be apart of.