Students intending to graduate should become familiar with the requirements and deadlines applicable to their expected term of graduation.  Each term (e.g., fall, spring, first summer session, second summer session) has its own deadline for the graduation requirements.  It is imperative that students complete all graduation requirements by the Graduate School’s published deadlines, which are posted on the Academic Calendar.  An application for graduate degree can be found by logging into Banner. Additional information about graduation is available at the Graduate School website.

In addition to the requirements outlined below, students must also be in satisfactory academic standing at the time of graduation clearance.  This includes maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or greater in your degree coursework--grades for 5000-level preparatory courses are not included as they are outside of the MSRE degree’s 32 credit hours--while no more than two ‘C’ grades are allowed.  Once a student earns a third ‘C’ grade (in any course taken during their time in the program including preparatory courses), the student will be suspended from the program.  An ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘U’ grade will also result in academic suspension.  And because graduate courses are valid for only six years, students must complete the degree and graduate within six years of starting the program.


To ensure that you meet the application deadline for your term of graduation, we strongly encourage students to complete and submit all requirements at least four weeks before the start of your final term so you have ample time to adjust your class schedule, if needed.

The application requirements for graduation include:

1. Being enrolled during the semester or summer session in which the student expects to graduate.  Enrolling in your last class or classes during the term in which you plan to graduate satisfies the graduation enrollment requirement.  Students working to resolve an “incomplete” grade or who are not otherwise enrolled MUST register for the one-credit hour Graduate Residence course (GRAD 7999).

2. Complete the Online Graduation Application and pay the graduation application fee.  Access Banner Self Service via My UNCC and click on the “Student Services” menu tab at the top.  On the next page, click on the “Student Records” link to bring up a list of options that includes the “Online Graduation Application.”  Click on the “Online Graduation Application” link to create your graduation application.  The concentration field should read “Business Administration.”  If you have completed a concentration, you must indicate this on your candidacy form. 

***Please note that your graduation application is valid for one semester only.  If you have already applied and anticipate changing your term of graduation (e.g., in the middle of the term), you must notify the Graduate School’s graduation clearance coordinator and complete all graduation requirements, again, by the published deadline for the new term.

3. Complete the Candidacy Application.  Access Banner Self Service via My UNCC and click on the “Student Services” menu tab at the top.  On the next page, click on the “Student Records” link to bring up a list of options that include “Apply for Candidacy for Graduate Students.”  Click on the “Apply for Candidacy for Graduate Students” link to complete your candidacy application.

If you have completed a concentration, you will need to select this from the drop down list and ensure it is indicated on your submitted candidacy form.  

At the end of the process, you will need to print out the completed application, sign it and submit it to Ryan Chester, to obtain the Program Director's signature of approval.  Once we review and approve your candidacy application, we will then forward it to the Graduate School for graduation clearance processing. 

4. Complete the Graduate Alumni Contact Survey.  This form is specific to Belk College graduates and can be accessed by clicking here.


  • The Graduate School, located in the Cato building, manages the online graduation application system.  Should you encounter any problems with the online system pleast contact the Graduate School at 704‑687‑5503.
  • The Graduate School will notify graduation applicants about Graduation Fair and cap & gown pickup, which is done in the University Bookstore.  Please visit the University’s Commencement website for additional information, including tickets and event schedule.
  • Commencement is held twice a year, one for spring graduates and one for fall graduates.  Those who graduate in the summer participate in the December commencement ceremony with fall graduates.