September 2020 Seminar Series

Career Conversations: Navigating in Our New Normal

2020 has already created a sea change for the way we navigate in business today. For those Real Estate students planning their future or alums considering their own professional development, you will want to join “Dr. Debbie” as she takes you through a short discussion for developing your career lattice or your career ladder! You may be asking yourself, “What’s next for me as the market recalibrates?” As a success coach, Dr. Debbie will offer recommendations that will help you take inventory of your goals and help you develop a plan with several viable options. We hosted Career Conversations on Friday, September 18, 2020.

• Threading the Needle of Success
• Networking vs. Net-weaving
• The Top 2% - Rules of Engagement
• Personal Branding
• Leadership 101 – Leading Yourself First


Meet the Speaker

Dr. Debbie Phillips

Debbie Phillips is President of The Quadrillion, an internationally recognized real estate consulting firm. With a career spanning more than 30 years with experience in real estate and diverse property types, Debbie serves as an adjunct professor, keynote speaker, career coach and nationally acclaimed author. Debbie earned a Masters of Science degree from The University of Georgia where her research focused on Seniors Housing and received her Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology as her doctoral thesis produced an Employee Engagement Model for the Multi-family Housing Industry. In 2018, Debbie formed the Real Estate Career Academy to promote career awareness and connect high potential talent to employment opportunities in Real Estate. Debbie’s current research emphasizes education, workforce initiatives, talent sourcing and leadership development.