Steven Jackson

Employer: Newland Communities
Title: Construction Manager
MSRE Graduation Year: 2013
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Peace, War, and Defense
Undergraduate Institution: UNC Chapel Hill
Other Graduate Degree: MBA
Other Graduate Institute: UNC Charlotte

Professional background: 
Steven Jackson graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1996 with a B.A. in Peace, War, and Defense with a concentration in Evolution of Warfare. Steven was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant for the U.S. Marine Corps following graduation.  After 9 years active service as a Marine Officer, he joined the civilian ranks as a Construction Manager in the home building industry in Reno, NV.  Steven lived in Reno for almost five years, and moved back to NC in June 2009. Upon his return, Steven started a residential construction management company which he was in charge of until he returned to school to start his dual Master of Business Administration and M.S. in Real Estate. 

What led you to pursue the M.S. in Real Estate degree at UNC Charlotte?
I wanted a formal academic experience to round out my professional skill set.  I was especially interested in the MSRE because, while extensive, the remainder of my professional training has been conducted in the field or on-the-job. 

What were some of the highlights from your program experience?
There was a very robust treatment of discounted cash flows, in almost every class.  In my opinion, being able to analyze discounted cash flows is the single most important skill set in my industry, and at the CKCRE, you will be immersed in it.