John Bush

Undergraduate Degree: Public Policy

Undergraduate Institution: Duke University

Licenses and Certifications: New York State Real Estate Brokers License Series 7, 66

What is your professional background?
Prior to beginning the MSRE program at UNC Charlotte, I was a Workplace Planning and Guidance Consultant at Fidelity Investments. In this position, I was responsible for helping clients set up their 401K plans. Success in the role required extensive research to uncover clients' complete financial situations so that appropriate tax, saving, and investment strategies could be implemented.

What are your motivations for pursuing a graduate degree?
From my perspective, a graduate degree provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to turn the general liberal arts worldview of an undergraduate education into the actionable skill set required for success at a professional level. The MSRE program's strong focus on Real Estate, its location in the heart of the Charlotte real estate market and its close connection to expert faculty and leading industry professionals made it a natural choice for a graduate degree.

What drew you to the MSRE program at UNC Charlotte?
I was immediately drawn to the MSRE program at UNC Charlotte because of its central location in the city of Charlotte, the rigorous real estate-centered curriculum, and its close association with distinguished faculty and industry professionals.