Course Descriptions

MSRE 5110. Foundations of Economics (3). Cross-listed as MBAD 5110. This course focuses on topics related to the scope and methodology of economics as a social science, the analysis of markets, the development of market structure, the characteristics of market failure, problems of economic concentration, the theory of income distribution, the measurement of national income, the theory of national income determination, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policy, and international economics. (Fall, Spring)

MSRE 5131. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting and Financial Management (3). Cross-listed as MBAD 5131. Accelerated and in-depth study of conceptual foundations and applications of financial accounting and financial management with emphasis placed on building accounting and finance information bases for external decision making. (Fall, Spring)

MSRE 6120. Real Estate Law and Land Use Policy (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131. This course provides an overview of common legal issues involved in the acquisition, development, financing, ownership and operation of real estate assets. Emphasis is placed on legal forms of ownership, real estate sale and lease transactions, and government regulation and taxation of land. (Yearly)

MSRE 6152. Financial Management (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131. Cross-listed as MBAD 6152 and FINN 6152. Theory and practice of corporate finance including asset management, cost of capital and capital budgeting, optimization programs and socio-economic aspects of financial management.  Computer technology may be employed when applicable. (Fall, Spring)

MSRE 6158. Real Estate Finance and Investment (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131. Cross-listed as MBAD 6158. This course focuses on the techniques used to analyze, finance and structure real estate transactions.  Topics include: an overview of the real estate space and capital markets; the techniques of financial analysis and valuation; project ownership structures, taxation and financial structure; real estate in an investment portfolio; and determining the financial feasibility of real estate development. (Yearly)

MSRE 6159. Real Estate Development (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131. Cross-listed as MBAD 6159, GEOG 6103 and ARCH 5068. This course focuses on an introduction to the real estate development process.  Identification and evaluation of the critical assumptions and issues related to market and site feasibility, financial feasibility, planning, acquisition, and operation of economically viable commercial real estate projects.  Students work in groups on a semester project to select a site and prepare an appropriate development plan that emphasizes the market and financial feasibility of the real estate development. (Yearly)

MSRE 6258. Site Feasibility Analysis (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131. Cross-listed as MBAD 6258 and GEOG 6102. Examination of factors affecting the feasibility of land parcels for commercial and residential development with emphasis on the physical evaluation of a given site, the market support for its intended use, and the financial support for the proposed development. (Yearly)

MSRE 6130, Site Planning, Building Design and Construction Fundamentals (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110 and MSRE 5131.  This course will I\introduce essential principles of site planning, design and construction. Special emphasis is placed on programming and sustainability issues for different project types. The nature and characteristics of construction materials, equipment, and systems used in modern buildings will be presented and how they affect function and feasibility. (Yearly)

MSRE 6220. Financial Analysis of Development (3). Prerequisite: MSRE 5110, MSRE 5131, MSRE 6158, and MSRE 6159.  This course provides students with the analytical and computer skills necessary to evaluate the financial feasibility of real estate investment opportunities, including acquisition and development opportunities for land, commercial, industrial, or multi-family deals.  Accounting and taxation issues influencing the financial viability of real estate investment opportunities are also considered. (Yearly)

MSRE 6102, International Real Estate Study Tour (3). Students participating in the course will travel to an international city to study real estate development. Opportunities and challenges in the regional real estate market will be explored through the completion of a series of study tours, presentations, reading assignments and short essays. Emphasis will be placed on issues such as urban planning, sustainable growth, economic development and global market integration. (Yearly)

MSRE 6999. Real Estate Capstone (3). Prerequisite: All required courses in the preparatory and functional components of the MSRE curriculum must be completed before taking MSRE 6999. This course is designed to bring together the topics covered in the MSRE program and examine how they relate to each other. Students will complete applied group projects, as well as conduct independent research, to explore issues of interest to the real estate industry. All of these projects will encourage students to develop their leadership and negotiation skills, as well as consider ethical issues commonly faced by real estate professionals. (Yearly)