The Graduate Certificate in Real Estate and Development requires completion of 15 semester hours of 6000-level courses in real estate finance and development. Transfer credits are not accepted into the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Development program. Students must earn a “B” or better grade in all 5 courses that make up the certificate program.  Core course requirements and electives are indicated below.  Students interested in substituting other courses for the core requirements may request these upon application.  Please contact for more information.

Core Requirement

MSRE 6152 Financial Management (3 credit hours)

MSRE 6158 Real Estate Finance and Investment (3 credit hours)

MSRE 6159 Real Estate Development (3 credit hours)


Electives (2 of the following 4 courses)

MSRE 6120 - Real Estate Law and Land Use Policy

MSRE 6258 - Site Feasibility Analysis

MSRE 6238 - Real Estate and Urban Economics

MSRE 6130 - Site Planning, Building Design and Construction Fundamentals

MSRE 6160 -  Real Estate Capital Markets

MSRE 6220 - Financial Analysis of Real Estate Investments

MSRE 6101 - Real Estate Seminar

MSRE 6102 - International Real Estate Study Tour